More photos from our Laos trip — ប្រទេស ឡាវ ឆ្នាំ ២០១៣

climbing the bolaven plateau

Here’s a few more photos from our trip to Laos last month. The country is so beautiful, mountainous and green I couldn’t help snap photos left and right, trying to (mostly unsuccessfully) capture the beauty and exotica around me.

house, rice paddy, and mountains

climbing the bolaven plateau

Our trusty 4-Runner never gave up

Our trusty Toyota 4-Runner faithfully bore us all over the Southern part of the country, with only a single flat tire in protest. It helped us navigate one of the steepest, most beautiful roads I’ve ever been on (also featuring the most amazing waterfall), without so much as a hiccup. (I’m not advertising for Toyota, I’m just always amazed at how rugged and awesome their off-road vehicles are).

filling with petrol in laos

water buffalo in laos

Views like this are so common there.

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